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If you believe the first impression is everything, and like to put your best foot forward, then you will appreciate our high-quality real estate and vacation rental photography.  We create tack sharp, high dynamic range (HDR) images that have little or no ‘sensor’ noise. Our specialty is vacation rental photography, with one goal in mind, get your property more bookings.  Luxury real estate agents who like to set themselves apart also appreciate high-quality photography. The best agents know that good photos make people look longer. Prominent architects, home builders, interior designers, business (and more), who use our photos for portfolios, websites, magazines etc., will also substantially benefit.

If you need images for your portfolio, printed magazine ads, wall art, billboard or websites, you can trust Keen Light Creative will deliver the highest quality architectural images.

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Hello!  I’m Nick.  I’ve lived in Destin since 2005.  My vacation rental career started in 2008 and hadn’t stopped yet!  I worked for a big vacation company for four years, learning the ins and outs.  Now work to help owners and other vacation rental companies present their properties to the world!  I love photographing luxury homes and condos because I know that good photos help boost reservations. To me, each property is unique and special, and I like taking time to highlight the best features. Honestly, I don’t care for ‘turn-n-burn’ real estate photography.  It takes the meaning out of it for me.  I prefer to plan and treat each property as if it were my own.

Other then my career, I love Jesus, my wife, daughter, and landscape photography.  I’m also an FAA certified drone pilot.  We reside in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, and love beach days, farmers markets, cooking out on the grill and of course, coffee.

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